Karen Smedley is the FSSC Integrity Program Assessor for the Asia-Pacific Region. As an IP Assessor, her primary role is to execute the Integrity Program, which involves conducting office audits and desk reviews of CBs and TOs to ensure that the Scheme requirements are being implemented effectively. Aspects of her role also include assisting with the development of Scheme requirements, developing internal procedures for the Integrity Program, and developing/delivering case studies for the annual Harmonization Conference. Karen started in Food Manufacturing as a Production Manager at Nestle, before transitioning over to the Quality field. This led into the world of Auditing and subsequent roles with BSi and SGS as a certified Quality Lead Auditor. Karen's aim at FSSC is to ensure that the Integrity Program is a professionally designed and executed program and to provide valued feedback to CBs and TOs to enable them to enhance their FSSC programs.