As a local representative Japan, I focus on involving stakeholders in Japan such as AB, CBs, TO, organizations and authorities to participate FSSC activities. FSSC is a scheme originated in EU and stakeholders in Japan have few opportunities to exchange information or have face to face conversation. To Japanese stakeholders, FSSC was a foreign CPO which offers requirements created elsewhere. My mission is to connect Japanese stakeholders to FSSC and involve them to improve and operate the scheme. After studying biophysics in Kyoto University I received a bachelor degree and worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) for 30 years. My main field was to maintain a government owned product certificate scheme; Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) certificate system. From April, 2012, I started working for  Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technologies (TUMSAT) as a professor. My specialties were HACCP, FSMS, regulatory and statutory for food. I retired TUMSAT in March, 2018, and have been an independent consultant for HACCP and FSMS since. I joined the discussion of ISO 22000 from the early stage and I’m still an expert for TC34/SC17/WG8. Furthermore, I am the chairman of the National mirror committee of TC34/SC17 since 2011. In June 2018, I joined the FSSC team as Representative for Japan.