How to use ISO 22003:2013 Food Chain Categories

In December 2013 the new ISO 22003:2013 was published, including new designations for the categorization of food (see below). In accordance with the transition period set by Accreditation Bodies, FSSC 22000 will implement the transition to ISO 22003:2013 in the next revision of the scheme documents, which is expected in 2015 after publication of the GFSI Guidance Document 7.

Until the revised FSSC 22000 scheme documents are published, we encourage Licensed Certification Bodies to continue using the designations according to ISO 22003:2007. However, Licensed Certification Bodies may already use the revised food chain categories under strict conditions. CBs are instructed to show the food chain category on the certificate AND to exactly state the applied version of ISO 22003 in the audit report. The certificate must be entered into the FSSC 22000 Certificates Database accordingly.

FSSC 22000 Licensed CBs using the new food chain categories must be in compliance to these conditions by implementing necessary changes in their audit reports and certificates before November 15th 2014.

TABLE 1. Existing FSSC 22000 Scheme categories (based on ISO 22003:2007)

  Category code
  ISO 22003:2007




  perishable animal products

  i.e. meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish   products


  perishable vegetal products

  i.e. packed fresh fruits and fresh juices,   preserved fruits, packaged fresh   vegetables, preserved vegetables


  products with a long shelf life at   ambient temperature

  i.e. canned products, biscuits, snacks, oil,   drinking water, beverages, pasta, flour,   sugar, salt


  Feed Production
  Single ingredient and compound   feed and premix

  Animal feed, Fish feed


  (bio)chemical manufacturing

  Food ingredients i.e. vitamins, additives,   and bio-cultures but excluding technical   and technological aids


  Food packaging material   manufacturing

  i.e direct, indirect contact with the food


TABLE 2. New FSSC 22000 Scheme categories (based on ISO 22003:2013)

  Category code ISO   22003:2013



  C Food       Manufacturing

  CI: Processing of perishable   animal products.

  Production of animal products including   fish and seafood, meat eggs, dairy and   fish products.

  CII: Processing of perishable   plant products

  Production of plant products including   fresh juices, vegetables, grains, nuts and   pulses.

  CIII: Processing of perishable   animal and plant products   (mixed products)

  Production of mixed animal and plant   products including Pizza, lasagne,   sandwich, dumpling, ready-to-eat meals.

  CIV: Processing of ambient   stable products

  Production of food products from any   source that are stored and sold at ambient   temperature including canned foods,   biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking water,   beverages, pasta, flour, sugar, food grade   salt.

  D Animal Feed       Production

  DI: Production of Feed

  Production of feed from a single or mixed   food source, intended for food-producing   animals.

  DII: Production of Pet Food

  Production of feed from a single or mixed   food source, intended for non-food   producing animals.


  Production of food packaging   and packaging material.

  Production of Food Packaging Materials   with direct or indirect contact with the food


  Production of (Bio) Chemicals

  Production of food and feed additives.   Food ingredient vitamins, minerals,   flavourings, bio-cultures, enzymes and   processing aids


TABLE 3. GFSI Guidance Document categories
Categories in bold are within the scope of FSSC 22000.

  Category   Title
  AI   Farming of Animals
  AII   Farming of Fish
  BI   Farming of Plants
  BII   Farming of Grains and Pulses
  C   Animal Conversion
  D   Pre Processing Handling of Plant Products
  EI   Processing of Animal Perishable Products
  EII   Processing of Plant Perishable Products
  EIII   Processing of Animal and Plant Perishable Products (Mixed Products)
  EIV   Processing of Ambient Stable Products
  F   Production of Feed
  J   Provision of Storage and Distribution Services
  L   Production of (Bio) Chemicals
  M   Production of Food Packaging


TABLE 4. Designators by scheme

 FSSC 22000 / ISO 22003:2007

 FSSC 22000 / ISO 22003:2013

 GFSI Guide Document V6

  C   CI   EI
  D   CII   EII
  E   CIV   EIV
  F   D   F
  L   K   L
  M   I   M