Strong Growth Number Of Certified Organizations Q1 2014

21 May 2014 - It has been a dynamic first quarter for FSSC 22000. Starting with the presentation at the GFSI Conference 2014 in Anaheim, attended by 100+ food safety professionals. Followed by the launch of our new global website in April and the much appreciated Information Seminar in Bangkok. And of course FSSC 22000 extended its scope to cover the manufacturing of Animal Feed.

Following this scope extension we see a growing demand for FSSC 22000 worldwide. Currently 7600 organizations achieved FSSC 22000 certification. This constitutes a growth of 20% compared to Q1 2013. With the number of certified organizations continuing to rise and now working with 94 licensed certification bodies, 1500 auditors and 15 licensed training organizations, FSSC 22000 remains the fastest growing food safety certification scheme.

FSSC 22000 boasts certified sites in 144 countries. With this growing global presence, FSSC 22000 remains the only non-profit ISO-based food safety management scheme recognized by GFSI. Download our new factsheet and get the latest statistics on FSSC 22000 here.