Termination license SIRIM

Integrity and full co-operation of the licensed Certification Bodies (CBs) is the highest good for FSSC 22000. When CBs do not meet with the FSSC 22000 requirements and have received several official warnings, their case will be brought to the Sanction Committee.

On May 18th last the FSSC 22000 Sanction Committee decided to terminate the Agreement between SIRIM and the Foundation. Within the given timeframe SIRIM appealed to the decision and as procedure describes the appeal was brought to the Sanction Committee for it to be able to reach a final decision.

Final decision
After due consideration of the appeal, the Sanction Committee has decided that the Agreement between SIRIM and the Foundation still will be terminated, with a notice period of 6 months, per the 18th of November 2016.


SIRIM is not allowed to perform FSSC 22000 audits and to issue any FSSC 22000 certificates.

All SIRIM FSSC 22000 clients are to be informed of this decision as soon as possible and transferred to an other licensed and accredited CB.

The status of the certificates in the FSSC 22000 database are to be changed to Cancelled.

Access to the FSSC 22000 database will be blocked per 18th November 2016. As such enough time is provided to change the status of the certificates after successful transfer.

The use of the FSSC 22000 name and trademark is not permitted after termination.

The AB will be informed of this decision.

Sanction Committee Procedure

The Sanction Committee exists of three members of the FSSC 22000 Board of Stakeholders. Cases for the Sanction Committee are presented anonymously to enable the members to make an objective judgment. The Committee has four penalties that can be imposed:

1. Warning
2. Office audit at CB expenses
3. Suspension for three months
4. Termination of the license.