The scope of certification for FSSC 22000 includes pet food for dogs and cats using ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 (Manufacturing) as the applicable PRP and assigned to category C or E as defined by ISO 22003:2007. ISO 22003:2013, replaces ISO 22003:2007 and assigns Food for Pets its own food chain category in DII. 
The best time to re-assign pet food for dogs and cats to the new food chain category DII will be after the implementation of ISO 22003:2013 in the FSSC 22000 scheme version 4.

The Board of Stakeholders has decided that for feed of all other pets and animals under food chain category DI or DII of ISO 22003: 2013 the BSI PAS 222 shall be used as the applicable PRP standard.

This position paper provides guidance on whether to use ISO 22002-1 or BSI PAS 222 as the PRP standard for the production of pet food.