Suspension Aspirata and Udem for three months

Integrity and full co-operation of the licensed Certification Bodies is the highest good for FSSC 22000. When certification bodies do not meet with the FSSC 22000 requirements and have received several official warnings, their case will be brought to the Sanction Committee.

In December 2014 two cases were brought to the Sanction Committee. The committee  unanimously decided that as of today the licenses of certification bodies:

Aspirata in South Africa and

Udem in Turkey

will be suspended for three months, till 11 March 2015. In this period these CBs will have to show the Foundation in detail that they are dedicated to FSSC 22000 and can meet with all the requirements.

Sanction Committee Procedure

The Sanction Committee exists of three members of the FSSC 22000 Board of Stakeholders. Cases for the Sanction Committee are presented anonymously to enable the members to make an objective judgment. The Committee has four penalties that can be imposed:

1. Warning

2. Office audit at CB expenses

3. Suspension for three months

4. Termination of the license