PAS 223 to ISO / TS 22002-4

FSSC 22000 Certification of Food Packaging Material Manufacturing is currently performed using PAS 223. The ISO/TS 22002-4 was published in 2013. It has now been benchmarked for FSSC 22000 by Karen Smedley of Coca-Cola and Lars Karlsson of Tetra Pak with confirmation of the IIOC. The conclusion of the benchmarking is that the changes from the PAS are minimal in terms of the requirements, and no additional requirements have to be taken up by FSSC 22000 once PAS 223 is replaced by ISO 22002-4.

In order to maintain its objective of being a fully ISO based food safety certification scheme, the Foundation recommends that food manufacturers and their CBs use ISO 22002-4 for issuing new FSSC 22000 certificates. After 1 November 2014, six months after this notification, it will no longer be permitted to use PAS 223 for FSSC 22000. For those companies with existing certificates that refer to PAS 223 there will be a transition period of up to one year to change certificates over to ISO 22002-4, with a requirement for all  certificates to be updated no later October 31st 2015.