Information interested organizations

Click here for the information flyer to distribute amongst interested organizations. Would you like to discuss how to become a FSSC Global Markets Program Licensed CAB? Please contact us via

Application procedure

Currently CABs can apply for licenses for food ingredients and product manufacturing and/or manufacturing of pet food for dogs and cats.

A request for application for a provisional license can be sent to the Foundation FSSC 22000 via

When all information is accurate and complete, the Foundation will provide the CAB with a provisional license agreement and an invoice for the application fee. As soon as the agreement is signed by both parties and the license fee is paid, the CAB is granted a provisional license and may start the conformity assessment activities against the FSSC Global Markets Program.

To become fully licensed the CAB shall have, within the provisional license period of 12 months, at least two sites which are assessed and in conformance with the FSSC Global Markets requirements and listed in the FSSC Global Markets Register of Conforming Organizations. The CAB shall also have shown to meet all requirements and obligations of the Program.

Without a license it is not permitted to deliver FSSC Global Markets conformity assessments or issue any FSSC Global Markets Program conformity statements.


The fees for FSSC Global Markets Program Licensed Assessment Bodies as of 2018 are:

  • The annual fee per license is EUR 2000,-
  • The fee per issued conformity statement is EUR 125,- a year (collected through the CABs).