New prerequisite program for storage & distribution

ISO 22000 sets out specific food safety management system requirements for organizations. One requirement is that organizations shall establish, implement and maintain prerequisite programs (PRP) to assist in controlling food safety hazards. An international stakeholder group has developed a PRP on storage and distribution.

Storage and distribution

An integral element in the food chain is the distribution network, specifically storage and distribution. Growers, food and ingredient processors rely on proper storage and distribution practices to ensure that their products arrive safely at the final destination and in good condition. The role of organizations involved in the distribution network, is to protect the foods, ingredients, raw materials, and packaging that they are warehousing, cross-docking and transporting. This PRP is intended to be used to support management systems designed to meet the requirements specified in ISO 22000, and sets out the detailed requirements for those programs. It does not duplicate requirements given in ISO 22000 and is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 22000.


The PRP specifies requirements to assist in controlling food safety hazards. The requirements are applicable to all organizations, regardless of size or complexity, which are involved in storage and distribution activities across the food supply chain, that wish to implement PRPs in such a way as to address the requirements specified in ISO 22000.

The PRP requirements include, personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfection, product identification, product recall and food defence.

Public consultation

The world-leading FSSC 22000 certification scheme has taken the initiative to develop the PRP with an international stakeholder group. To provide the industry with an opportunity to give feedback on the proposals, the PRP will be published as a draft at

All stakeholders with an interest in food safety management and/or storage and distribution can provide their comments until the 15th of November 2016. To find the document, please go to: Select ‘Bekijk normontwerp’ and then create an account in order to read the document and provide the comments to NEN. The received feedback will be processed by the international stakeholder group before final publication.

More information

For questions about the consultation process aimed at NEN please contact: Gillian Herpers, Consultant Agriculture & Food Telephone +31 15 2 690 444 or e-mail

For questions aimed at FSSC 22000, please contact: Aldin Hilbrands, Technical Director FSSC 22000 Telephone +31 183 645 028 or e-mail