FSSC 22000 first to be reviewed to meet newest Dutch food safety, integrity criteria

FSSC 22000 is the first scheme to be reviewed by Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) to meet new food safety and integrity criteria.

After the horse meat scandal in the Netherlands, it was clear that food safety and integrity in the food production chain must be better safeguarded. To this end, the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Dutch Minister for Agriculture established a Food Confidence Task Force, with the objective of taking measures to restore consumer confidence in food products.

Private quality schemes play an important role here. In cooperation with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), the Task Force has defined a set of criteria for quality schemes that must strengthen the private safeguarding of food safety and especially food integrity. Transparency and the exchange of information are key elements of these criteria.

The NVWA accepts certification schemes meeting the criteria described in this document as being supportive of NVWA tasks regarding compliance supervision. In executing its monitoring tasks, participants in accepted systems have a lower priority for the NVWA than other participants. Recognized schemes will be published on www.ketenborging.nl.