FSSC 22000 - Scope limitations

FSSC 22000 scope limitations have been reconsidered according to the new ISO 22003:2013 category designations. The revised scope Guidance is published which includes:

A. New Food chain category K [currently L] - [bio]chemical manufacturing:

Current scheme rules for this category state that bio-cultures are both included and excluded, causing understandable confusion among CBs. The exclusion statement will be removed from the Scheme Guidance Document on scopes confirming that bio-cultures are included within the scheme.

Current scheme rules for this category exclude technical and technological aids. This exclusion will be removed, so more of the new food chain category K is available for certification within the scheme scope. Certain exclusions will still apply to the non-food items included in the ISO document. The exclusions are described in the Scheme Guidance Document on Scopes.

B. Production of Gasses [category question]

Current Scheme Guidance states that gasses used as food ingredients are included in Category E, (New category C). Gasses used as packaging gas [on Codex list as process aids] must be included in current category M [New category I] and audited using ISO 22002-4.

It is considered that ISO 22002-4 is inappropriate for this purpose, as it relates to packaging in the forms of metal, glass, paper and wood and has no provision for gas. Therefore gasses will be considered as additives or process aids and included under new Category K [Current Category L]. This will enable ISO 22001-1 to be used as the PRP audit, and make auditor selection (qualification per category) more straightforward.