Scheme Documents

The Scheme Documents contain the requirements for food organizations who want to apply for a FSSC Global Markets conformity statement and Assessment Bodies who want to deliver the FSSC Global Markets conformity assessments.

The Scheme Documents are available for download below:

Foundation and Intermediate level requirements and self-evaluation tool

Part 0: Definitions

Part 1: Scheme Overview

Part 2: Requirements for Conformity

Part 3: Requirements for Conformity Assessment Process

Part 4: Requirements for Conformity Assessment Bodies

Annex 1 to Part 4: Conformity statement scopes

Annex 2 to Part 4: Assessment time calculation

Annex 3 to Part 4: Nonconformity grading

Annex 4 to Part 4: Assessment reports

Annex 5 to Part 4: Requirements for Assessor Competence

Annex 6 to Part 4: Conformity Statement Foundation Level

Annex 7 to Part 4: Conformity Statement Intermediate Level

There is a mandatory assessment report template that will be made available to Assessment Bodies once they are granted a provisional license by the Foundation.