Become a FSSC 22000 licensed Certification Body

Certification Bodies that wish to become licensed to oversee FSSC 22000 audits and certifications must meet the following two requirements.

The CB is accredited by any accreditation body (AB) which has a membership of IAF and is signatory to the IAF MLA for Management system certification. The AB shall also have agreed with the regulation for accreditation as defined in the FSSC 22000 scheme. An up-to-date list of these Accreditation Bodies can be found here.

The CB holds a valid accreditation against ISO 22003 under ISO/IEC Guide 17021 for the required food chain categories.

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Application procedure

To apply for a provisional FSSC 22000 license the following documents have to be provided to the Foundation:

A completely filled out and signed Letter of Intent (LOI) for the required scope. At this moment CBs can enter licenses for Food Manufacturing and/or Packaging and/or Animal Feed and/or Animal Production and/or FSSC 22000-Q. The correct LOI can be requested via

A copy of a valid ISO 22003 accredited certificate, clearly mentioning the categories of accreditation

A confirmation from the AB that the CB has applied for accreditation against FSSC 22000 and for which categories

A completed contact detail form

The application with all required documents can be sent to the secretariat of the Foundation via

When all documents are found to be accurate and complete the LOI is signed by the Foundation. This grants the CB a provisional license for one year in which accreditation against FSSC 22000 has to be gained. The provisional period starts as soon as both parties have signed the LOI. With that an application fee will be invoiced. As soon as the Letter of Intent is signed by both parties, the CB may start is certification activities against FSSC 22000. Without a license it is not permitted to issue any FSSC 22000 certificates.