Board of Stakeholders

The FSSC 22000 certification Scheme is governed by the Board of Stakeholders. Within the Board, the interests of all parties involved in the food supply chain are represented.
The Board holds at least three meetings per year. Major changes in the Scheme, decided upon by the Board of Stakeholders, are published in the list of decisions on the Foundation’s website. Revisions of all relevant documents of the Scheme are published annually on the Foundation’s website and communicated with all licensed certification bodies and liaised accreditation bodies.


Fons Schmid, Independent Chairman (Voting member)

Voting members 

Leon Bruner, GMA The Association of Food Beverage and Consumer Products Companies

David Dearden, International Margarine Association of the Countries of Europe

Beate Kettlitz, Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU

Mark Overland, Safe Supply of Affordable Food Everywhere

Bizhan Pourkomailian, Serving Europe

Mark Brasler, The South African Association for Food Science and Technology

Marc Cwikowski, European Federation of Bottled Waters

Non voting members

Stefano Crea, Independent International Organization for Certification Limited

David Fatscher, BSI Group

Sied Sadek, IQnet

Liason / observers 

Cornelie Glerum, Managing Director

Skip Greenaway, International Accreditation Forum

Kevin McKinley, ISO (International Organization for Standardization)